The Original

K-Fix® offers versatile functions
for your designs made of particle foam.

What is K-Fix®?

K-Fix® are extremely versatile fasteners which can be inserted into particle-foam moulding tools. They are made unique through the firm bond between injection-moulded parts (threads, holes, hinges, etc.) and the expanded foam housing.

K-Fix® Inserts can be set into the relevant particle-foam moulding tool using the expanded foam housing made, for instance, from EPP, in turn becoming firmly embedded as part of the particle-foam process.

K-Fix® is firmly integrated into your lightweight component parts, unlike with conventional assembly methods. Lightweight component parts are therefore ready to be installed, without the need for costly further processing.

Made using particle-foam composite injection molding

All members of the K-Fix® product family have one thing in common. They are all made using a unique method: particle-foam composite injection molding, developed by a business consortium. The Krallmann company, the ideas factory within the Heinze Group, has been the key element in developing this groundbreaking process.

In lightweight construction, thermoplastics have their issues.

In an age of electric vehicles, product weight is critical. This is especially true with plastics. There are two different approaches to weight loss. One involves design options – by reducing the wall thickness of plastic parts from 4 mm to between 3 mm and 3.5 mm, for instance. The other uses physical or chemical expanded foam processes, which make thermoplastic components 10 to 20 percent lighter. However, further weight savings are impossible here.

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You can download a CAD file in STP format for every K-Fix® product, and build it into your particle-foam design. You are just one click away for either a login or a registration.